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@ffeenncceess x #steakmtn -

The “Songs About Angels” lyric video, “directed” by #steakmtn, for @ffeenncceess, has been electronically stapled to @nylonmag ‘s tectonically-plated lifestyle website.

In the article, @lizadarwin detail’s Mansfield’s return to form this October-coming-fire (10/14/14 to the wondering) with #lesseroceans, his 2nd full length & first for Elektra. And she ain’t lying, it’s definitely the truth, as is the information that this song is the first single. Or “soft single” as the suits tend to say. The real “knuckle duster” and possible “bone of contention” will be coming shortly. Clues abound. Or don’t.

Also the definitely not-lying : I can, and apparently will, say that I am involved in the art, art direction + design of “Lesser OCEANS”, the cover of which will be soon let loose (and feels heartthrob-ish in a pulled-from-the-landfill-and-fed-to-a-graveyard sort of way. If that could make any sense and I promise it does). But until that moment of jaundiced thunder, believe me when I tell you that even @macklemore (pronunciation? Mack LeMore? Mackel More? Ma K Lee Mo Re?) & his Romain Duris-ish pardner, @ryanlewis, are impossibly fated to the Steak grinder, especially when met on along this freshly painted fence-line. What a weird fucking year this has been so far.

Anyway, there are three viewing options for the video below -

@nylonmag -
Fences Youtube -
Steak Portfolio -

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@nickgazin (above) did a very nice thing recently-ish & interviewed me for @vice. It’s nice mainly because he is a great artist and peer who’s aesthetic and talent and enthusiasm for creating is awesome (as in - “inspiring awe”), but also I enjoy his very acute understanding of pop culture (and the blurriness of high, low, even lower and beyond) and how he expresses those findings, publicly, on social media and through his position as Vice’s Art Editor. So, it’s “nice” that he likes Steak Mtn. and wanted to do it. If you are not familiar with Nick or his art or his anything I said after the stuff about the art, do yourself that real favor and be voracious in your stalking.
My part in this interview is normal, I talk about new things, thanks to Nick, but it’s also a lot of “blah blah porn blah blah subversive stuff blah blah hate blah blah art apathy” and if you find yourself not wanting to read it, because, you know, you’ve read at least one Steak interview in the past 1-4 years, here are the things and people (by proxy or directly) that get talked about (in no order) along the Vice scrolling screen : #iprobablyhateyou @laurajanegrace @vannenwatches #captainbob @wdavyb @danradde @wolfs_blood #atomandhispackage #403chaos @misslarkinlove (above) @derrickpierce @willdandy @behindkink @thisjaygreene @geoffgarlock #theamputees #fforfake #rolandscagnetti #assuck #chrisbarnes #cannibalcorpse @gabeserbian #thelocust #bonersdown #mercenaries @beachlondon @drewmillward @noidearecords #rememberingstorieswrong #forgettingartidid #combatwoundedveteran #tomtierney #reversalofman and maybe a few things I can’t remember. (at

What's *your* gritty, misunderstood-by-everyone revisionary origin story?



i generally assume that everybody is probably right about me except the people who thought i was meant for great things.

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