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STEAK ON THE INTERNET, #iprobablyhateyou watch, in white, available right now, strict edition of 50, $65 dollars, clean your wrist up with some crisp linens, fold your napkins to a crescent point, @vannenwatches #steakmtn (at

New Yorkers!
Starting tomorrow night @ the #ifccenter on 6th & W. 3rd St., the @jamesfrancotv produced, Christina Voros directed documentary #kink about begins it’s run.

Here is the trailer :
…which makes it look maybe a bit “brutal” & very much in contrast to my comment in the trailer…

Anyway, I view the film w/ excitement because it’s basically a home movie of me & my friends getting paid to make fun/weird videos/films around the Xmas Holiday in 2011. So, if you are interested in learning about the sincere professionalism that goes into (& relatively normal atmosphere of) making #adultfilm, especially the #bdsm kind, then come out this weekend and see @maitressem @johnpaulthepope @princessdonnadolore #tomcatFM #vandarkholme @iamfivestar @kinktalentdepartment @behindkink & me, #steakmtn (and more!) talk, walk & shoot around San Francisco’s pornographic Cinecittà (of sorts). 


@mattbomarr has a really rad blog that interviews visual artists (Eric Yahnker! Blek le Rat! Next week - Lucien Shapiro!) about what they fill their minds w/ when making the art. In addition to the ?s, he asks each artist to create a playlist that supports their answers, actually or abstractly. It’s a neat idea for an ongoing blog & I really recommend you take a look because it is a collection crafted by a palpable enthusiam for the Artistic Spirit.

And so this week the #bomarrblog features an interview (+ playlist) w/ #steakmtn that unsurprisingly features self-aware/pretentious (or puckish? No, you’re right, the first combo) answers to sincerely interested questions concerning my personal connection with music & what I may listen to when being, for lack of a better term, creative or “creative” (so as to be inline with my whole “attitude” “problem”).

Visit the link above, read another (<— in italics) Steak interview from the Pre-Positive Era and if you dare, listen to 45 some odd minutes of what could be perceived as me fucking with you or how I see it : a new piece of art.

#steakmtn #napalmdeath #debbiedeb #samuelbarber #cannibalholocaust #theshangrilas #kidsinc (at

The pre-orders for @fencesmusic forthcoming full length, #lesseroceans, are alive @ the address above (and way down below). If you act fast & now and like what you see, you may be able to snatch one of the inticing bundles that arrives at your home with a limited edition, #steakmtn designed, four color, 18” x 24” silk-screened poster of Mansfield after a failed attempt to strike God from the sky.

Try as one might, you can’t kill a fictional character for real.
#fences #arrows #christophermansfield #dreamboat #salmon #arrows #steakmtn #lesseroceans @elektrarecords #artemis (at



Well if you are interested in the music side of Geoff Garlock. We got you covered. Two official Garlock releases are up for pre-order today!!! And I couldn’t be more excited

First off we have the official vinyl version of Orchid “Totality”. If you have never heard why we are referenced in one sentence in a lot of articles about terrible “screamo” bands that exist right now as an “influence” on their “basically terrible hair metal band syndrome but worse” “music”. Then check out “Totality”. This is a collection of all of the early Orchid releases including the split seven inch with Red Scare and the split skull shaped split aka the Skramz holy grail, with Jeromes Dream. And then a bunch of songs I didn’t record but played a billion times live.

Then we have the Ritual Mess lp. What do you have in store there? How about “Gravity style hardcore, served up with chaos, hooks, and fervor that brings new life to this style. Some might call it “the closest thing you’ll get to an Orchid reunion” and while they might be right, it’s also much more than that. Listen and find out for yourself. For fans of Antioch Arrow, Swing Kids, Clikatat Ikatowi, etc.”. That sounds about right. Also this is the first official music release I have released since Panthers “The Trick” in 2007 (there is also still The Year Is One record on Bandcamp and maybe Dark Vibe will come out someday). SOOOO I am pretty excited about this one.

And if you are feeling nasty, do a bundle order of both and you get a limited vinyl color that is only in the bundle.

If you are a weird child who only likes MP3’s and are not a weird grandpa who only likes vinyl,get the digital records!

And while you are at it, relive your youth for the last time or live your youth for the first time by grabbing an official Orchid shirt with the classic design

Music is the best isn’t it? Support my belief in that. And I truly hope you all enjoy!

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